Anti-Branding ?

If your a fan of Jersey Shore you have to love Snooki. As reported today by Accessories Magazine, Snooki, the lovable self-proclaimed "guidette" castmate on MTV's popular "jersey Shore", is a victim. Yes, a victim of "unbranding". She was a long time fan of Coach bags until recently she has been spotted carrying other designer purses. Has her loyalty left Coach? It is being reported that luxury purse houses are sending her for free their competitors bags. Genius I according to the The Observer they are hoping that carrying their handbag would sour others from their brand. Very, very clever.


EZ Duzit said...

I hope the Gucci was unscathed when she was arrested last week!

Chic Chocolate said...

I hate to admit it, but I got hooked on Jersey Shore and they are so not in my demographic age-wise. But I can't help, but be drawn in. I do like that Gucci Bag Snooki is carrying, though.