Christian Dior

Just when we thought handbags were getting smaller!
Christian Dior's store on E. 57th Street found a clever way to conceal remodeling construction. The company worked with Shawmut Design and Construction to build a 20-foot high, 33-foot wide handbag with signature logo charm (made from stainless steel). The construction captures the style's signature quilting and a curved base makes it look like the handbag is carrying items.
Shawmut used local city vendors to erect the handbag barricade, which will remain until mid-November when the renovation is scheduled to be complete (just in time for holiday shopping).
Tre chic Dior !
Thanks Accessories Magazine for this post.


Michael St. James said...

So cool! Thanks for sharing.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Now THAT is what I call making a statement!