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OneStopPlus, an online mall for curvy women who want high style in plus size fashion, will produce the first ever plus-size-only runway show during New York Fashion Week. Set for September 15th, 2010 at Lincoln Center, curvy models will walk the runway featuring the latest collections for Spring 2011.
Emme the fabulous plus-size model will be hosting the red carpet. is taking a stand to prove that curvy women are equally as beautiful and as fashionable as their size two counterparts with the first ever New York Fashion Week plus-size runway show, coinciding with the high-end fashion shows located at Lincoln Center. Though the event is not officially part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The noteworthy event will showcase top trend-driven styles, featured on prominent models such as: Lizzie Miller, and Tocarra Jones, who have been chosen to show their curves down the runway. is a pioneer in the ever-changing fashion industry, proving that the 62% of American Women who are plus size can also experience the high fashion. Plus-size clothing is generally defined as size 14 or 16 and over. There is a growing trend in the fashion industry to cater to fuller-figured "real" women. With millions of women who are potential customers plus size fashions can be a real source for untapped dollars. In the past year, designers like Marc Jacobs have announced plans for plus-sized lines, stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Forever 21 have also expanded sections devoted to the 16-plus crowd. I guess you can say “We’ve come a long way baby”, but a long way to go!

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