Military Fashion Trend 2011

Military fashion is nothing new. But the style for the new season is different. Call it urban warrior, military chic or even drab fab. Commanding attention in the fashions for next spring and summer, unveiled this week in New York, are officer jackets, camouflage prints, brass buttons and cargo pants, all made softer in fabrics of linen, lace and silk. The mix of tough and tender, or functional and feminine, scores well with fashion consumers, experts say.
Military looks have long influenced fashion -- from trench coats first made for officers and cropped Eisenhower jackets to surplus goods worn in anti-war protest and aviator-style sunglasses first designed for pilots.
These days, the tough look is mixed with soft touches. At Rag and Bone, dresses were lashed with stiff black-buckled harnesses and combat pants were made of silk, mesh and gauze. Derek Lam played with trench coats, mixing twill and linen. Alexander Wang had gauze pea coats, satin parachute pants and backless trench coats with over sized wind flaps. U.S. designer Nicole Miller played with the military look by turning jackets inside out, so linings and seams appeared exposed.


valeriew said...

i can't decide whether i love it or not. i guess it depends on the piece, but i do love this photo!

Soho500 said...

The photo is stunning...I agree