Spray on Fashion

Photos: Caroline Prew/Imperial College London
Wasn't long ago when we watched the info-commercial about spray on hair by Ronco, which we thought "totally ridiculous". Then came spray on tan, for that natural glow. The younger population received that with open arms. Seems to be the better way than sitting in the sun. I don't remember laughing at that concept. But now.....A liquid mixture developed by Imperial College London and a company called Fabrican lets you spray clothes directly onto your body, using aerosol technology.
After the spray dries, it creates a thin layer of fabric that can be peeled off, washed and reworn.

The technology is still in prototype stage, and some kinks still need to be worked out, such as the strong smell of solvent around the fabric. The researchers estimate that it will be at least a few years before it can be ready for commercial use. Fashion is just one use of the technology and the pair have set up a company to explore other applications, such as medical patches and bandages, hygiene wipes, air fresheners and upholstery for furniture and cars.
But alas, tight-fitting T-shirts and hipster jeans could get even snugger if you just spray them on. But, after all, with all the obesity in America, the sprayed-on look for clothes might not work for everyone.
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