Christian Louboutin Shoe Riot

The online retailer Gilt Groupe offers a great deal: Buy designer clothes at deep discounts. But is it good or bad? First time Gilt held a Christian Louboutin sale, 45,000 women tried to buy his shoes. The site nearly crashed about a year and a half ago. Having obtained a few thousand pairs for a sale, they had no idea that the response would be as astounding as it was. Of course not everyone was happy! Not everyone got shoes! Depressed and frustrated shoppers complained. The founders of Gilt realizing that they goofed held another sale for the women who complained(squeaky wheel get greased)and they held a private sale. A pair of Loubs for the discounted price of $300 for flats and pumps to about $500 or $600 for boots. Now everyone was happy ! Would you spend that amount of cash for his shoes?


thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

Those shoes are hot! Those are so good prices too.

EZ Duzit said...

All I can say is it's all about the economy and hard times until there's a Laboutin sale. Then it's screw you, get out of my way, and give me that hammer (to break the piggy bank)!