Dirty Denim

I have to admit…I’ve gone way longer than I should at times without washing my jeans because I had stretched them out to the perfect, comfortable fit. But each time they eventually got aromatic enough that I was forced to wash them and start all over again (they always come out fitting too tight after a wash!). That was about after three to five wears. Yet that pales in comparison to going without washing your jeans for six months!
Talk about flirting with the limits of acceptable hygiene, and passing it up after just the first month, fans of “dirty denim” will go months – wearing the jeans every day (and sleeping in them?) – in order to wrinkle, rip, wear away dye, fray, and stretch a pair of jeans to perfection.
An article posted on the subject by AOL News shows just how far raw denim fans will go to make the fit their own. I have to admit, being able to wear something for months on end and not have to wash it does sound enticing. Perhaps I should give it a try, in the dead of winter, and keep a bottle of Febreeze handy.

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