Forbes Most Powerful Woman

Forbes released their annual list of the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women on Wednesday. First lady Michelle Obama received top billing, while Kraft Foods CEO Irene Rosenfeld was second. Oprah Winfrey, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rounded out the top five. Forbes' Power Women list isn't about celebrity or popularity; it's about influence. Lady Gaga comes in at #7 and Beyonce at #9?
Have you seen the list? I personally think that Oprah should top the list.
What do you think?
Source: Forbes


mommamia said...

I sure would have thought that Oprah would be #1...not Michele. For one thing Oprah has been around longer, and is on TV 5 days a week for how many years..I think it is unfair to include celebrities with heads of businesses. Like apples and oranges they don't mix.

Couture Carrie said...

Can't believe Gaga was so close to the top!