Nail Art: Trendy or Tacky?

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Plus their review of at-home kits for DIY handiwork.
In the world of fashion and beauty, what at first appears tacky often turns trendy. Jeggings are a great example. I never would have guessed that skintight jeans could be both chic and comfortable, but I now look forward to wearing mine all fall.
Designer nail art is another trend I originally thought was completely wacky and tacky. Granted, some celebs still take this look over the top (Katy Perry sported fiancĂ© Russell Brand’s face on her nails at this month’s VMAs!), but I’ve fallen in love with leopard, lace, and even camo-patterned nails.
And I’m not the only one who’s jumping on the nail art bandwagon. “I think it’s a trend that starting to catch on because it’s becoming more accessible,” says Michelle Mismas, editor of the polish blog All Lacquered Up “It’s not something you have to go to a salon for anymore.” That’s because almost every nail brand now offers DIY nail art tools, so you can create your own designs at home. I put a few of these products to the test—read on for my reviews.
Press On Nails
Back in the 80s, I was a huge fan of Lee Press On Nails. Sephora by OPI’s Chic Prints for Nails ($15, Sephora) are much cooler, but the concept is the same. Plus, they’re super easy to apply so they offer the same instant gratification. Simply stick the pre-cut, nail-shaped patches—which come in fabulous patterns like tiger print and pink fishnet that were designed by the nail-art-to-the-stars brand Minx—to your nails and rub to activate the adhesive. The patches can be trimmed to fit the shape and size of your nail and filed to fit the length. They only last a few days, but I got tons of compliments when I wore the tiger to a recent bachelorette party. This is a limited edition product, though, so do like I did and scoop up every design while you can!
Nail Decals
Stick-on nail art decals like Kiss 3D Tip & Toe Art ($2.99, drugstores nationwide) could not be simpler to use, which is why they are my hands-down favorite nail art product. Granted, most of the sticker designs are more cutesy than couture (think pink flowers, butterflies, and hearts), but using them to create fancy nails requires no artistic talent. Just peel off and put on. To give the designs a bit of an edge, I suggest sticking with the silver stickers and applying them over trendy polish shades like greige, gold, and black.
Paint Pens
Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens ($7.29, are basically markers you can use to draw over your pick of polish colors. While great in theory, I had a really difficult time using them—especially on my right hand nails, as I’m a righty. Plus, your polish has to be absolutely, completely dry or the sharp tips of the pens will cause the underlying color to smear. My advice: Save these pens to create simple nail art designs like checkerboard patterns and stripes and make sure to have a friend around to finish up the nails on your dominant hand.
Multi-Dimensional Color
We’ve all tried polish with a touch of sparkle, but the latest high-shine shades have a prismatic quality that jumps off painted nails. Milani 3D Holographic ($4.99, Milani Cosmetics) polishes are as easy to apply as painting your nails (even easier: bring the polish into your local nail salon), but have an unassuming nail art quality that’s just as eye-catching as more detailed designs. This is the polish I could see myself wearing everyday, not just on special occasions.
Megan O'Neill is Beauty Editor at Endless Beauty

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