Nail polish shades for the fleeting days of fall

1) Tom Ford Black Orchid As potent as New England cranberries. The new, new red for everyday. Sold exclusively with the Black Orchid limited-edition set which also includes pressed perfume and lipstick in the same hue. $140,
2) Dior Vernis in City of Gold Like golden October sunlight. The perfect hue for any kind of evening gown. $21,
3) Tophop Make-up Nails in Utilitarian The crisp color of almost-turned leaves. Like khaki trousers, it goes with just about anything. Topshop, NYC, 212-966-9555
4) Yves Saint Laurent Beauty limited-edition manicure couture in Belle de Nuit Like fresh-picked aubergine. Our favorite nightshade since vamp. $30,
So are these nail polishes worth so much more? There are so many much more reasonably priced polishes out there....Essie, Opi, Barrielle and the list continues. Essie actually has a polish with platinum dust in it that costs $250 per bottle. However, the first bottle was displayed in special bottle made with a platinum top and base that is valued at $55,000.
Crazy? Yeah!

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EZ Duzit said...

I remember some time ago you had posted about "greige" - a mix of grey and beige. I hadn't seen that color on nails until just recently and now I see it on tons of girls in NYC!