Women's Conference

California First Lady Maria Shriver has done it again, putting together the best political event of the year at her Women's Conference -- an event with fabulous women and political gossip The purpose of the conference is inspirational, education and enpowerment. Live webcast today Tuesday 10/26/10 8AM-7PM PDT Click here: Women’s Conference
First Lady Michelle Obama, today was one of the prominent speakers speaking at the conference. “And as a working mom, I thought I knew a thing or two about the challenge of balancing a full time job and the round-the-clock needs of my family, juggling the recital and the conference calls, making the endless to-do lists that I never got through and often lost, feeling like I was falling short both at work and at home.
I also knew that I wasn't alone -- that every singe woman I knew, regardless of race, education, geographic location, income, we were all struggling to keep it together. And I believed that the voices of working women needed to be at the heart of creating any comprehensive agenda to move this country forward.”
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