Fun Fall Fashion Accessories

Our fabulous friends over at Endless Beauty is our guest blogger this week. Perfect for this time of year!

Does the change in seasons leave you wondering what accessories are hot and what accessories you should ditch for fall? talked to Michaela Vattimo, a Florida-based wardrobe and fashion stylist, and Sandra Antoun, founder of Kitsch Trading Co. and stylist, on the hot accessory trends for fall.

Fall Trend #1: Fur (real or faux)
Michaela suggests adding a fur piece to your look as “a touch of sophisticated glamour.” Whether your fur accessory comes in the form of a handbag, capelet or collar wrap, or scarf and gloves trimmed in fur around the wrist, you’ll be trendy all season long.

Fall Trend #2: Belts
Michaela is a huge fan of belts because she thinks they’re “wonderful straps of fabric that allow us to cinch the waist, hide a problem area, and lastly transform a layered sweater look, dress or jacket into a chic, polished look.” Are you tired of wearing your favorite belts as belts and looking for a trendier way to wear them? Michaela suggests being the first to wrap your favorite skinny belt around your wrist as a layered bracelet!

Fall Trend #3: Colored and Textured Hose
The top wardrobe colors for fall are grey, black, and camel. Looking for an easy way to brighten up your outfit? Michaela suggests colored or textured hose are “a GREAT way to color your grey, black, or winter camel outfit.” Michaela’s favorite? Spanx! They have a huge selection and they’re designed to keep you looking firm and fabulous all day long.

Fall Trend #4: Mad Men-inspired Accessories
Another huge trend for the fall is vintage inspired accessories thanks to the hit show Mad Men. Michaela says you can’t go wrong with shopping at “your favorite vintage stores or your grandmother’s closet for unique, one-of-a-kind, feathered hair pieces, jeweled handbags, ladylike gloves, and coats.”

Fall Trend #5: Chic Scarves
Sandra loves scarves, and you’re sure to be trendy if you sport them! She says, “Traditionally scarves were worn by men then us sassy ladies took over in the '30s & '40s and have carried on since. Those of you haven’t really figured out how to incorporate scarves into your closet, this is the season to do it. Just like the bib necklace, they can be bright and maybe a bit gaudy for certain individual’s preference; the scarf can make a statement or add texture to your outfit.”

Fall Trend #6: Boyfriend Blazer
Blazers on the red carpet are becoming increasingly popular among stars. Trouble putting an outfit together? Take Sandra’s advice: “The boyfriend blazer paired with a bib necklace and a basic boyfriend t-shirt, textured thick leggings and your pick of stilettos or knee high boots is a great and timeless look for the upcoming seasons.”

Fall Trend #7: Feathers
For Sandra, her love of feathers is all about “their natural beauty along with their variety of colors and tints all brought together in vibrant patterns cultivated by nature.” Worried about overdoing it? Sandra says “one of the easiest ways to wear the feather trend is as part of headwear.” Headbands with feather accents are perfect for this!

From feathers, to Mad Men, to scarves, we have your fall fashion advice to keep you on-trend for the season!

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Style Eyes said...

Thanks for all of these ideas. I love accessories and will definitely be wearing some madmen ones and lots of scarves.