Get ready to really clean out your closet and get rid of the clothes you don't wear so you can see what you have. Now is the time to get tough! Holding on to clothes that no longer fit or that are hopelessly out of date can be frustrating. What you have to show for it is a closet full of clothing and nothing to wear.
Pick a day when you'll have a block of uninterrupted time. The experts say if you haven’t worn an item in a year to get rid of it. I personally think that a year is to short a time frame. Whatever you want to keep look it over and send to tailor or dry cleaners if need be.
Donate clothes to charities. Good Will, Salvation Army, woman's shelters, and other charities are always looking for donations, and they will often come right to your front door to pick up your unwanted clothing for you. Goodwill and Salvation Army are willing to take on even the threadbare threads — they send them to “rag sorters” who make very good use of the material. Local charities would be happy to accept them.
If you purchase one new article of clothing, one old article of clothing goes. How many items do you have in your closet with tags still on them? Come on I know you must have at least one or two. Sell these clothes that you don't want on eBay.
If you want to save something for sentimental reasons but you won’t be wearing, it should not be in your closet, store it elsewhere. In a time capsule maybe?
Don’t toss, recycle. In NYC, Wearableclothes a service that puts still good garments to good use. Contact Grow NYC’s Million Pound Challenge for their recyclable program.
Most cities and towns have recyclable programs. Find one near you.
Patagonia has a system for recycling their clothes or Polartec wear. Even Nike has a recyclable program for sneakers.
As I cleaned out my closet a tip came to mind...Take all those pesky wire hangers back to the dry cleaners. They accept them and reuse them. Buy yourself new hangers.
Finally once your closet is cleaned out spray down with some Febreeze, or Oust.
Now don’t you feel good? Breathe a sigh of relief. Your work here is done.


EZ Duzit said...

I cleaned out my closet a few Sundays ago and it feels so refreshing! I love a good organized closet. Thanks for this post and for providing links for donating clothes.

I'll just add that if anyone has old business clothes you can donate them to They help women get on their feet with career coaching and get them dressed right for interviews.

Soho500 said...

Thanks for the tip EZ