Make-up Reality Show

The Syfy channel says it is working on a new U.S. reality show on film makeup artistry challenges. Special-effects wizards Ve Neill, Glenn Hetrick and Patrick Tatopoulos as judges, and actress McKenzie Westmore as host of the show called "Face Off." Starting in January, the series will feature 12 aspiring special-effects makeup artists "competing for their shot at makeup-effects stardom and the chance to break out in the competitive field," Syfy said in a news release Wednesday. The high-standards for special-effects artistry will push these contestants to the top of their game. Wow! This should be fun to watch and also learn some amazing make-up tips!


K said...

That does sound exciting! Too bad I don't get cable. Boo.

Erika said...

This actually sounds like a fun concept for a show!! :)