A Brighter Smile

How can you make sure your smile is “fashionable?” Good hygiene is part of the fashion world. Not just what you wear. We all have seen commercials with models with brilliant white teeth. Truth is, when it comes to whitening teeth, there may be products that work and there may be products that will only waste your time and money. As a general rule of thumb, do not be fooled by those advertisements that sound too good to be true. You will be left disappointed. The top question, though, from a consumer point of view may be the following: "Do teeth whiteners bought at retail stores work as well as the teeth whitening procedure done by a dentist?” The answer to this question is that results vary. It all depends on the amount of whitening needed, the age of the patient and the staining of the teeth .
In-office dental whitenings can be quite expensive compared to drug store whitening kits or strips, of course the costs involved with paying for the dentist's time and expertise. The over-the-counter whiteners offer much lower level of peroxide gel. The lower the concentration of gel the less effect. You generally get what you pay for. Using drugstore whiteners is an on going process you need to repeat. They will work fine if your teeth are only lightly stained.
A thorough cleaning of plaque and tartar is necessary prior to whitening, but it’s also important that any cavities or other problems are cleared up.
There are many things that you can do to prolong your pearly whites, such as staying away from coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco.
Maintenance and regular "touch ups" go a long way toward granting you a shiny and bright smile. Whether you decide on a trip to the dentist or to the drugstore, keep up the good work, and your smile will certainly be rewarded in the long run.


Tugba said...

Woww such a big difference. I'm using a drugstore kit at the moment but can't see any results to be honest. Do you know a good drug store kit?

Soho500 said...

Hi Tugba,I like the Rembrandt brand but I don't know if the are available in the UK