Yearly Magazine-Exhibition

WWD reports that a new luxury magazine Exhibition has a singular intent. That's to cover one particular object or product — often considered commonplace — in-depth in its single issue out yearly. The theme is lipstick for its first edition, due to launch exclusively in Paris' Colette starting around Jan. 10 — in time for the couture season. "The lipstick is a commercial object yet full of symbols and symbolism. It is iconic, timeless, intimate and generates plenty of fantasies," reasons Exhibition editor in chief Jean-Christophe Husson. Coverage in the initial 140-page, large-format issue includes pastry chef Pierre Hermé concocting goodies that re-create iconic couture lipstick reds by Chanel, Givenchy and Christian Dior, plus other contributors. Exhibition's debut print run is 5,000 copies, each to be sold for 20 euros, or $27 at current exchange. There is no advertising in the first issue. The magazine is published and owned by a private investor whose name was not revealed. Starting on Jan. 25, Exhibition will be carried on international newsstands.
Interesting concept.

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thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

I heard about this. The whole concept is really interesting. I wonder if it will work.