Make-Up For Men

YouTube:"Makeup for Men: How to Apply Foundation Makeup on Men"
Concealers, eye creams and powders are becoming more commonplace in the male grooming aisles of local drugstores.
4VOO, a men's cosmetics line offers products like self-tanner, lip serum and tinted shimmer in addition to concealer and powder, for the everyday man.
Beauty expert Bobbie Thomas spoke of a new male breed actively seeking out beauty products, and even beauty advice, to correct flaws in their appearances. "So many more men today come to me with questions," she said. "'Hey, what can I do about lines under my eyes?' Or: 'Every time I shave I get this really red rash.' Men are really looking to find those natural enhancements."
There are traditionally female beauty brands like L'Oreal and Yves Saint Laurent that have expanded into the men's sector, and there are smaller cosmetic labels that cater specifically to males. 4VOO falls under the latter category, as does The Men Pen and Hey Dude a cover-up brand. I think it is great for men to be interested in grooming products that take care of their hair and skin, but makeup? What are your thoughts?

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Couture Carrie said...

I am all for equal opportunity ~ love it!