Buggy Valentine

Okay this is just gross! For those looking for a different kind of gift for Valentine’s Day, the New York Bronx Zoo is offering hissing Madagascar cockroaches as the perfect gift. For just $10, gift givers can name a cockroach after their sweetheart.
Recipients of the gift will receive an e-card and certificate informing them about a special cockroach living at the Bronx zoo named after them. On the zoo’s website, they are saying this is the perfect gift because flowers will wilt, chocolates will melt, but roaches will last forever.
According to a spokesperson for The Bronx Zoo, within the first 48 hours more than 1,700 people chose to give the hissing cockroach as a Valentine’s gift. According their website, there are some 58,000 Madagascar roaches that still need to be named.
The $10 for this special Valentine’s gift will be donated to help preserve wildlife and forests in Madagascar.
I guess it's the thought that counts. :>)

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