Caring for Marcasite

Marcasite (white iron pyrite) is an attractive and interesting mineral that is used in sterling silver jewelry. Small polished and faceted stones are inlaid into the silver that adds an extra sparkle to the jewelry. Marcasite in jewelry was very fashionable and popular in Victorian times and Queen Victoria is said to have favored marcasite in her jewelry. Marcasite jewelry regained popularity in the Roaring Twenties after World War 1 and fit perfectly into the Art Deco style. Today it gives jewelry a vintage look and adds an old world quality and charm to modern jewelry.
For Caring and Cleaning Marcasite.
Often, marcasite is secured in its setting with jewelers cement and because of this, it may require special cleaning.
Wipe gently with a soft and clean damp cloth.
Dry with a clean, soft and absorbent cloth.
Use a towel to ensure that the piece is entirely dry.
Avoid contact with hair spray and perfume.
Use a steamer, hot water or sonic cleaner.
Do not use any liquid polish.
Expose to chemicals or cleaning agents.
Expose to extreme temperature.
Immerse in water for a long time.
As with all jewelry, a bit of love and patience gives its own reward with longer lasting pieces.

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