Faux or Real Fur?

Faux fur means no animal has been raised and killed for the purpose of fashion.
NBCNewYork went undercover inside some of New York's most popular bargain clothing stores to find out just how real fur is being sold. The results are anything but comforting, meaning you may not even know what you're wearing. And New York is not the only place where there are labeling problems. Many major stores are selling real fur without properly telling customers what they’re buying. The real issue - if you are buying faux fur specifically - you are buying it for a reason. If you’re against fur, finding out you’re wearing it is a big deal. There are three easy ways to tell fur from faux.
1. Look at the tips of the hairs. If fur is un-sheared you can see that it tapers into a fine point like a cat's hair, an eyelash or a sharpened pencil.
2. Burn it. If it smells like burning human hair, it's real fur, (only if you own the article). . The burn test should only be conducted by adults.
3. See if the fur is attached to skin.
The Humane Society includes several resources on their website like clothing companies going fur-free, and ways you can donate your furs to animal rehabilitation clinics where they are used to warm animal babies.
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