Hair Accessory-Headbands

Just for fun wear a headband. Headbands are not just an accessory made to cover up that ugly 'do you have going on in the mornings. Headbands and scarves are great options for changing up a hairstyle. Instead of getting a haircut, adding a headband or Scarf to a hairstyle can create a variety of styles. With Hollywood celebs setting the pace, they're fast making a fashion comeback. There are lots of different types of headbands to suit every mood, outfit and style. You can experiment with colors and textures to find a good look for you! Make sure that whichever headband you chose that you are comfortable wearing it. Stylish enough to wear with your hair up or down, headbands are a fashion diva's answer to even the worst of bad hair days. There is no end to the possibilities with fashion accessories like headbands. Play with it!

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