A Little Bit of Alice

The gals at Soho and our fabulous friends spent the afternoon in the city. We stopped in to a tiny gem of a tea cafe, Alice's Tea Cup. 102 W 73rd St (between Amsterdam Ave & Columbus Ave) New York. We left our name for a table and took a leisurely stroll around the area, window shopping and talking. They call you when your table is ready. Yes, there is a wait.
Busy Buying!
The front room offers take out teas, as well as themed gifts (ranging from tea pots to tutu skirts to butterfly wings).
Each tea is brewed to perfection (3 to 7 minutes) with double-filtered water that is boiled to 180 degrees. Over 100 teas, just to many to name and delectable food.
Yummy cupcakes and delicious scones. I had the raspberry and chocolate scone. To die for.
So if you are in NYC on the upper west side stop in and have a magical cup of tea, and more in Wonderland.


EZ Duzit said...

I love Alice's Tea Cup! The wait times are annoying, but once you're there, the nice relaxing time with the girls is worth it.

Gabbie Chang said...

yummy!!! that reminds me of one of my fave cup cake necklaces!!!