Celebrity Collections

Caroline Manzo partnered with Kristino Handbags on the “Caroline Manzo, Family, Faith & Charity Handbags and Accessories Collection which will launch during May market week in New York. The collection includes PVC, faux fur and leather handbag styles ranging at retail from $50 to $200 and is targeted toward major department and specialty stores. Proceeds of Sales to Benefit Her Favorite Charities. Caroline believes in giving back!

Watch out, these bags bite!
HBO’s vampires-in-the-Deep-South series “True Blood” continues to be a bloody great hit. Now handbag line Hammitt has launched the “Hammitt for True Blood” collection, a luxury collaboration set to debut this July, a few weeks into the show’s fourth season on HBO.
Superstar rapper Kayne West is once again is delving into fashion with the launch of a 250 limited edition scarf collection based upon artwork from his hit album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”
The silk scarves will be based upon the five different cover art designs including the album which was released in November 2010. Each cover will be translated into 50 scarves each and sold through Colette and the MMParis.com website.


James Michael White said...

Kanye's scarves sound awesome. Not feeling Caroline's bags, but at least they're for a good cause.

SoHo Accessories said...

Yes, because everything she makes, James it makes the purses more likable.