Arm Candy

Warm weather is here and everyone loves to show off their arm candy.
Women are stacking their wrists with mismatched materials, finishes, colors, etc. The look can be overdone, so ladies be cautious about the other accessories (ie. rings, necklaces and earrings) you wear when you stack your bracelets. Bracelets are an easy way to personalize an outfit, especially when you mix together multiple bracelets (a very strong accessory trend.)
Don't stack your bracelets with a watch. If you want to wear bracelets with a watch, wear one or two thin bracelets or a chain bracelet: excessive bracelets with a watch looks cluttered, or wear the watch on the other arm.
The easiest way to carry off the multiple bracelet look is to wear a stack of the same or like bracelets.
One more thing... don't wear bracelets or bangles over sleeves. As always, jewelry is always most flattering when it is upon the skin.
And of course, one look that will never go out of style: diamond bracelets.


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Economy of Style said...

Fabulous tips!!