Cat Fur Jewelry?

Kate Benjamin wants to dispel the unfashionable image of the 'cat lady'. That's why she teamed up with a jeweler to create unique cat 'hair ball' jewelry.
Benjamin, the author of the blog Modern Cat and designer of innovative cat toys and products, wanted to do something with her cat's fur. Every time she brushed him, she had lots of fur left over. She turned to her friend, jeweler and fellow cat lover Heidi Abramson for inspiration.
"I started with a good grooming session with several of the cats, then I hand-rolled each ball of cat fur into a tight bead," she wrote in her blog. "By rolling the loose fur between your palms, the strands become felted together, forming a solid little bead. Heidi then transformed the beads using her silver smithing skills and her amazing eye for modern design, and voilĂ !"
The accessories are made of shedded cat fur, never the wet, revolting clods that cats cough up.
Pesonally I think this is taking recycling a bit far. Should we save the lint from the clothes dryer also? What do you think of wearing cat fur jewelry?
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DesignsbyElenaMarie said...

I can see making a cat toy out of cat fur, but I don't think I would wear it as jewelry. I already have to deal with cat fur on my clothes!

Hair Stick said...

It's creative and interesting. I may try bracelet and earrings!

SoHo Accessories said...

Just saw a promo on TV, Fur Monster...where it takes all the lose fur off of your this and make jewelry and you can make a fortune..LOL