Nail trend: Snakeskin

The python nail art could just be the biggest thing to hit the trend market this summer. Snake and animal prints keeps on making a re-entry on the runways now and then and has always been popular on clothes and accessories. However, snakeskin nail art takes it further. The “glossy, tubelike” skin, is custom cut to fit the toe or finger nails and is given a top coat of sealant. Terri Silacci, nail guru,owner of Nail Candy Lounge in Monterey,Calif, who incidentally came upon the idea of snakeskin nails when her son brought home, a still intact, shedded snakeskin.
At the moment, you will have to cough up around $300 for this exotic snakeskin nail art. Snakeskin art lasts three to eight weeks, and needs to be removed with a soak off gel. Question is-does this trend have legs, even if the snakes don't?

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annesaneries said...

Ooooh I love this, am so excited by all this nail art! This is way out of my price range, fab though xx