Red Soles Not Louboutin's

There are blanant knock-offs and there are those that are open to interpretation. Which is it? You decide.
The peel-off "secret soles" red stickers by Rosso Solini let customers attain the look of Christian Louboutin’s signature red sole. Three stickers are sold in a box for $22.
The stickers also come in yellow, pink, polka dot and other fashion designs, but we’re guessing the red will be the most popular. Plus, an only-red line might be tougher to defend when Christian Louboutin’s lawyers come a-knocking, which they might just do. Christian Louboutin is currently in a legal dispute with Yves Saint Laurent over some red-soled YSL shoes.
The website touts the benefits of using the red stickers to “create that designer look on a budget.”
Good for her...great idea. If a designer can put red soles on shoes, she can put her own spin on it. No one owns the color red, but I think they should be hiring lawyers !!!


K said...

Hm..the other colors do help on the issue, but I hope they at least have a lawyer on retainer.

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

I saw this somewhere else. I really wonder what Louboutin thinks of this.