What's in the Bag!

Manchester, England-Kellogg’s, the world’s largest cereal producer, found in its study of 2,000 British women "carry everything but the kitchen sink” in their handbags.
The top 10 most practical items found in women’s bags, were keys, tissues, makeup etc.
Practical matters aside, handbags sometimes hold a Pandora’s box of unusual treasures, the study stated. “A number of more obscure and sentimental objects were also uncovered in the research: a son’s baby tooth, a daughter’s first pair of shoes, a lock of a grandchild’s hair and their father’s watch were among some of the comforting things women wanted to have with them at all times.”
The study also found a surprising number carry around legal documents including marriage and birth certificates and passports. The survey found that 19% of women said they use their handbag as an object to hide behind when they’re not feeling confident or are having a “fat day.”
The top 10 most common items found in handbags:
1. Keys
2. Pens
3. Tissues
4. Tylenol/medications
5. Receipts
6. Make up
7. Tampons/Band Aids other first aid items
8. Sunglasses
9. Snack /chewing gum
10.Compact mirror
The 10 weirdest things people carry in their handbags:
1. Screwdriver kit
2. Porn DVD
3. Son’s baby tooth
4. Daughter’s first pair of shoes
5. Intimate "adult" toys
6. Tarot cards
7. Vampire voodoo doll
8. Confetti from their wedding day
9. Spare panties
10.Piano tuning fork
Why would Kellogg’s be so interested in the contents of a women’s handbag? To prove the point that most women carry snacks in their handbags evidently.
I'm surprised the the top item in a woman's purse was not a cell phone ! What is the weirdest item you carry in your purse?


SoHo Accessories said...

The strangest thing I keep in my purse is a tape measure.

K said...

I wish that I kept a tape measure in mine. I do, however, keep my karaoke song list in there so that whenever I go to karaoke, I can pick songs from my list that I know I can do.

Economy of Style said...

How fascinating. I enjoy reading these studies. I try to be prepared for any major emergency with the things packed in my bag. I won't even bore you with the details...lol!