Ruthie Davis-Shoe Designer

When you add metal spikes and neon colors to a pair of heels -- even to a simple white tee and jeans -- there is no way you will not be noticed.
Ruthie Davis’ shoe obsession started at the tender age of two when she tried on her first pair of red patent leather Mary-Janes. She creates footwear that can rightly be called works of art.
She brings together her futuristic vision of footwear with structural architecture, each style is more like a little modern skyscraper than a shoe. Incorporating steel, engineered support structures, industrial materials with chic patent leathers and luxurious metallics on power heels of 4.5 inches, Ruthie Davis shoes are the perfect blend of tech and fashion.
Wearing Ruthie Davis shoes you are making a real fashion statement. If you are into classy and unique shoes, Ruthie Davis shoes are the way to go. Not for the budget-conscious.
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Hotesses Lyon said...

This collection is fantastic! I agree, the truly great designers aren't in the spotlight with the so called fashionistas. Hay I really appreciate your BLOG. I really love your collections. That too your shoes. Even I was looking for a similar shoe and at last ended up purchasing shoes, what a nice deal. I love all things. Thanks for sharing..
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piagemoore said...

It will really look stylish to wear that shoes with the black leather jackets.The collection of shoes is really very nice....