Fall / Winter Trends 2011-2012

Nothing makes a statement like an oversized pendant. As apparel necklines rise and hemlines fall, necklaces take cue from apparel silhouettes. Oversized pendants in all materials and sizes hang on long and short chains and make a strong impact.
From leather tassel details on handbags, belts and footwear to fluid metal link tassels in jewelry, designers are having quite a love affair with this versatile embellishment. Preppy? Check. Sexy? Check. Exotic? Check. Put this one on your list.
Sparkle and shine through the holiday season with sequins. Whether seen in all-over coverage or as a border trim, these small embellishments add a big statement, and a hint of shimmer to any accessory.
Accessories get a bold color makeover this season, as bright saturated shades of magenta show up on all classifications. Shades of this pink/purple hue are sure to sizzle their way through the winter months.

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Umer said...

The Clothes really are giving the girls a bold looks... fantastic designs.