Working a Belt

Not everything has to sit high at your waist. Wear your belt loose and slung around your hips to give a shapeless dress an interesting, silhouette.
The right style can make the most of anyone's middle!
Rock a statement belt. Wide braided, ruched and corset belts are so eye-catching! They are a great way to highlight an hourglass or break up a longer torso. Making a jacket the centerpiece of your outfit only requires a wide belt.
Try a skinny belt. Slim belts define your waist and add a touch of sophistication to your look, plus they won't overwhelm a shorter torso.
Go for a medium width belt! A not-too-skinny, not-too-wide belt is flattering on all figures.
Elastic is your friend. Where possible, choose belts that are part elastic because you can’t beat the comfort. They’ll stretch with your body during the day.

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