Black Friday: Stores Open Earlier

Black Friday, Nov. 25, is already reaching a fever pitch with 24 days still to go. Macy’s, Kohl’s and Target said they will open midnight Thanksgiving. Many retailers traditionally extend their Black Friday hours, but many will be open 24 hours. Retailers are also offering online deals Thanksgiving Day even if their brick and mortar locations are closed for the holiday.
Among the deal websites offering almost hourly updates on holiday sales is (“Where Everyday is Black Friday”). The company also keeps consumers updated about trends at retail, and issued its own list dispelling “Black Friday myths.”
Found these myths interesting:

MYTH: Black Friday sales begin on, well, Black Friday
Major retailers start premiering Black Friday sales online on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. “Amazon even announced that its Black Friday offerings this year will begin several days before that.”

MYTH: Doorbusters are free
“Believe it or not, many people believe that Black Friday is the day to score freebies. This myth may be what lures people to sleep outside a store overnight, but most doorbusters are just low-priced items meant to create frenzy.”

MYTH: Black Friday deals are so good, they’re worth sleeping overnight on a curb for
Online deals combined with a percent off coupons like Target does mean that “select items were actually cheaper if you just stayed home and shopped online.”

MYTH: Nobody will beat Black Friday prices
Not true, says dealnews, which keeps up with retailers such as Amazon, Meijer, Walmart etc. who offer price matching—or even a better price in some cases.

MYTH: Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year
Actually the Saturday before December 25 is the busiest shopping day of the year, according to the International Council of Shopping Centers. Only about 35% of shoppers say they’ll do any holiday shopping on Black Friday.

MYTH: Prices on Black Friday are the lowest of the year
“Although many Black Friday deals offer the lowest prices of the year so far, we will eventually see many sales matched or beaten later on; it just depends on whether you’re willing to wait.”

MYTH: Black Friday is the best time to do all of your holiday shopping keeps tabs on the “best and worse” things to buy in November, and advises that for winter apparel, toys or brand name TVs, consumers may find ever lower prices “if you wait.”

MYTH: If you have buyer’s remorse, you can always just return your purchases
Here’s where many retailers have tightened their return policies during the holiday season. “Some retailers will only give you store credit even if you have a receipt. A handful of stores are now also keeping track of serial returners and banning them.”

MYTH: Signing up for a store credit card for an extra discount is a no-brainer
“If it’s really that good for you, do you think stores would try to up-sell you so hard?” By offering store cards retailers are hoping that consumers will trade up in their purchases or buy more. Additionally, opening such lines of credit can adversely affect some consumers’ credit scores, too.

MYTH: All of the good deals are printed in Black Friday ads
Some retailers, such as Walmart, offer last minute deals online on Thanksgiving Day, that weren’t published in their Black Friday circulars. “These ‘secret’ deals are only found online, so the trick is to uncover them on the web on Thursday.”

MYTH: Leaked Black Friday ads are accurate
“In fact, they are often inaccurate or misleading,” dealnews says. “Last year, we jeered several retailers for advertising discounts that we just couldn’t find.”

MYTH: Cyber Monday offers the same caliber deals online as Black Friday in-store sal
Many consumers would rather enjoy their Thanksgiving meals with family and avoid the Black Friday crowds and shop on Cyber Monday, Nov. 28, dealnews advises those consumers they may miss out on the biggest price markdowns. “You’ll definitely see retailers’ sales, but these bargains are essentially the leftovers from the Black Friday feast.”


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