Designer Nail Art

Sally Hansen design board
These are nothing new but decided to give them nail art a try. Glad they come in a box of 16 since one fell off in the shower but for my money they are such fun. These are available everywhere. Quite simple to apply. Lasts up to 10 days. Removes easily with nail polish remover. 24 fashion-forward styles.
Because Salon Effects is made from real nail polish, be sure to use all strips immediately upon opening otherwise they will dry out. So yes, some will go to waste!
Pink Leopardskin
Nail Rock designed to last up to 7 days on nails and 8 weeks on the toes, with each at home nail wrapping treatment taking just 15 minutes to apply. Unlike nail polish they won’t chip or stain the nail and quicker to apply as no drying time required.
Nail wraps are the new way to adorn fingers and toes. Forget nail polish, the best way to decorate your digits are by rocking some designer nail art with these wraps. Nail wraps are a trendy fun accessory!


Purple Box Jewelry said...

I'll give 'em a try next time

K said...

Love it! Definitely need to try these on one of my nights out.

SohoAccessories said...

Let us know how you like them!

savita said...

Amazingly great nail art i bookmarked it and try to make it on my nails..hope so it will look good. i am not so good in make-up so i just try it.