Jason Wu for Target

Jason Wu for Target collection, his first in a mass retailer will be in stores Feb. 5. Pleated frocks with sailor-striped hemlines, dainty silk blouses with neckties and collars, and sportier knits and tennis skirts stand out as some of the line’s most wearable pieces. The pieces look far more expensive than they are (the dress is $40, the satchel, $50), and they have a sophisticated, timeless quality to them, making them perfect for any one.
“My goal was not to duplicate anything from my main collection,” Wu says. “Instead I designed completely new clothes and accessories that reflect my taste and have a voice of their own.” His collection was inspired by a little black cat named Milu who adorns some of the accessories. With prices under $60, it seems that soon everyone will be able to afford a little piece of Wu to call their own as well.
Will you be one of the first on line to buy from this collection?


Couture Carrie said...

So excited about this collaboration!

Happy New Year!


Michael St. James said...

Love that navy dress. Can't believe it's only 40 bucks. Not in love with the bags though. HAPPY NEW YEAR!