JCPenney Has No More Games

The ads state: "No more pricing games. Just great prices from the start." In a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, Penney said: "We're not interested in being the biggest store or the flashiest store. We want to be your favorite store." We like this. No more coupons that you either forget to bring or just forget to use. A department store without Columbus Day sales, no more percent discounts if you buy a certain amount, no more early bird specials and no more clearance racks? No more rubbing your belly and patting your head to get the best deal. Hurray!!! I hope this pricing plan works for them so that maybe other stores will follow. The store changes will take until 2015 to complete.

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Erika said...

Let's hope that by 2015 they change their plans - JCPenney always has such phenom sales! :/