Jill Zarin and her Jewelry

Either you love them or hate them, but I must confess I am a fan. I was disappointed to learn that Jill Zarin was not returning to NYC Housewives this season. She may have be fired but that's not stopping Jill. Last year she created her own shapewear collection, Skweez by Jill Zarin. Now she is starting her own fashion jewelry line, which will retail between $28 to $110 and is slated to showcase this fall in department stores. Zarin says “I like my rings bold and colorful. They should be something someone notices and become a topic of conversation.
Well I guess she loves the ring her husband Bobby purchased for her for their 11th wedding anniversary, the price, according to TMZ? $19,000. The giant bauble purchased at the Christie auction belonged to Elizabeth Taylor and was part of the auction in NYC.


K said...

Oooh, I wish that someone would give me something from Elizabeth Taylor's collection!

Erika said...

I have never seen any of the Housewives shows; but that ring is exquisite! :)