Put on False Lashes

Something so simple that you maybe surprised how easy they are to apply, and what a dramatic difference it makes to your eye make-up. Prep Your Lashes: Apply mascara to your lashes. The false lashes will stay in place better. Pick a Lash Style: Dense strip lashes are the easiest to apply. The fuller the strip the more dramatic the look.. Trim the edges so that they fit your eye shape. Apply them: Apply glue to the strip and wait a minute until the glue is tacky. Tilt your head back, look down in a mirror and press on the strip so that it sits on your natural lashline. Finish with more mascara. All you need is patience and a little practice and you can create a fantastic look with false lashes.
Since we decorate ourselves with jewelry for the ears,toes,wrist,neck,fingers and even belly buttons maybe the new trend will be to adorn our eyelashes with feathers or crystals. Would be a fun look for a night out on the town.

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