Accessories for the Spring

Accessories this spring cover a range of themes from pastels to bold tribal. Trends for accessories change every season. Adding a few new accessories to your everyday look is an easy and effective way to update your look. Have fun. Colorful and Metallic Accessories Colorful Clutches have been on the runway for some time now, but their popularity has really exploded lately. Sorbet shades are a popular choice for spring, so when dipping your toes into this accessory trend choose a clutch in a pink, mint, or blue. Metallic clutches and accessories are another great way to work this trend. Metallic shoes and clutches are another chic choice.
Shoulder Dusting Earrings Spring 2012 is seeing the return of the earring. It’s taken a back seat to the popular statement necklace, but now it’s all about the shoulder dusting earrings. Bold and colorful jeweled earrings and tassel and fringed styles are also chic.
Tribal Touches Tribal is one of the hottest clothing trends at the moment, and it’s much the same when it comes to trends for accessories. The term tribal has been used quite loosely, and can cover anything from brightly beaded jewelry to maxi dresses.
Scarves Scarves will make a great addition to your spring outfit, and is an easy way to work the look into your outfit. Wear one as a headscarf, on your bag, or even around your wrist to give your spring outfit a new look.
What’s your favorite accessory trend for spring?

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