Mother’s Day is May 13th, will shoppers stick to a budget or the sky is the limit when buying for Mom? If this new survey by PriceGrabber, a division of Experian, is any indication, most have a specific amount in mind to spend this year. Who took the survey were 4,296 online consumers, with 50% planning to spend the same amount as last year. Only 10% said that they didn’t have a budget when it came to shopping for Mom. Asked about what would be their choice of gifts for Mother’s Day, flowers were number one. When consumers were asked to select all of the types of gifts they plan to purchase for Mother’s Day, 43% said flowers, 22% indicated gift cards, and 17% selected clothing and accessories , 15% plan to buy jewelry , and another 15% are opting for a gift such as going to dinner or a show. According to the survey, only 13% plan to buy a tech-type gift for Mother’s Day such as a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

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