Shwopping ?

Brick Lane in East London became temporary home to discarded clothing. This is the amount of clothing that citizens of the UK throw out every five minutes (well, 9,513 to be exact). This extraordinary display came about to raise awareness of something that UK's high street retailers Marks and Spencer hope will become a household word, they loving call it shwopping.  M&S clothing retailer is encouraging shoppers to donate one item of clothing each time they shop.
We were astonished to read how much clothing - just in the United States - ends up in landfills each year. Let’s Keep Clothing Out of our Landfills While M&S is not the first clothing retailer to encourage recycling old clothing (Patagonia, for example, has long been making and selling its own reclaimed clothing for years), the more high profile retailers that get involved, the better or not. Smaller charity shops could miss out on donations.
We all know that we should eliminate waste, but is this “green”? Maybe we should buy less, better quality, take care of them, and then this way we can keep them longer.

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