JWoww's Swimwear Collection

Why hasn’t anyone else thought of this? Jwoww of Jersey Shore fame has recently launched her new bikini collection JWoww By Perfect Tan Bikini! The guys and gals of the shore love being tan, but HATE tan lines! This bikini is the perfect solution. All of the swimwear is lined with a sticky adhesive silicone that sticks to your body. The hotter you get the better your bikini stays on-no straps needed! They were modeling them on Access this afternoon and they look amazing! So many cute colors and prints!! This is definitely a must have, of course you must have a rocking body.
Visit www.jwowwptb.com to order yours and use the code “jwowwptb20’ at checkout to receive 20% off!!


Michael St. James said...

As tacky as the designs are, I have to admit, that really is a great idea, in order to eliminate tan lines.

SoHo Accessories said...

Agreed Michael, but very innovated !! I think she had surgery done to her face..it really doesn't look like her.