To Thin or To Young

It's hard to believe that just now - in 2012 - fashion is getting wise to the unhealthy image of beauty that is created by using models that are ridiculously thin...and ridiculously young. Child labor never looked so pretty?? Ugh! Vogue has stepped forward and said on Thursday it will not use model that are too thin or under the age of 16. Good for you Vogue. We'll pat you on the back while also saying "it's about time!" Anna Wintour, Vogue's U.S. editor-in-chief, was instrumental in crafting the CFDA's guidelines. Both Spain and Italy use only girls who have what has been deemed a healthy Body Mass Index. The fashion organizations in Italy and Spain banned catwalk models who fall below a certain BMI level. Israel's government passed an anti-skinny-model law earlier this year. Glamour said in a statement Friday the magazine's policy already was not to book models under 16 or those who appear to have an eating disorder. The Hearst Corp., home to Elle, Harper's Bizarre and Marie Claire, said in a statement that it supports the CFDA guidelines, adding: "Good health is something we strive to promote in our magazines, both in our fashion and beauty stories and in our features. We make every effort to educate our readers and present images that reflect strong, beautiful women."


Michael St. James said...

FINALLY! I've had enough of the 12 year old girls. It's quite sick actually. Speaking of people who are too thin, did you see Rachel Zoe last night at the Met Gala? Yikes!

SohoAccessories said...

Yikes is right Michael...There are to many ghastly mannequins out there!!