Up-To The Minute Fashion Trends

If you think that you can’t do the trends popular for the summer, keep reading.
Many trends come and go, showing up and being seen everywhere before disappearing as fast as the appeared. Remember last year’s feather extensions? This year, you won’t see them; it is all about adding rainbow tints to your hair.
Some trends become a staple classic like ballet flats. You probably have your favorite pair on right now, don’t you? They go great with dresses, denim and all things in between, but only a few short years ago, they were the on-trend, must-have piece. So, what makes a trend and what makes a classic? Mostly it is about what works in the average woman’s wardrobe. Military or safari jacket in your closet? What you should look for is a great-fitting blazer in a neutral shade. A classic piece never goes out of style. Add pins or rosettes or any other kind of detailing will take you to the trend of the season…just undo and go on to the next trend next season.
A standard LBD is a must-have in any closet. Black is versatile, so it is a great staple, but you could choose a cranberry or navy dress. All these can work just update with the latest accessories.
Women are draping their necks with statement necklaces, or showing off their toned arms with bold cuffs. If you prefer earrings, go with a pair of glitzy drop earrings. Will update any outfit even if it is a little white tee.
Purses can be very expensive. A favorite neutral shade bag that you love: just tie a scarf in the season’s hottest color and you’re on trend. Truth be told, it does not matter what trends are out there. If you love it, then make it your own. If you love the way polka dots make you feel vintage, then who cares if next season is all about floral prints? You will feel amazing in them anyway.
Fashion is about following what is in or out. Style is about creating your own signature look.

 “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably, and they remember the woman.” - Coco Chanel

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