Hazards of Fashion

 Are you a slave to fashion? What are the potential dangers of being a dedicated follower?
Heavy handbags: Some bags are so large "they can get stuck in revolving doors", the American Chiropractic Association suggests. It warns they can cause shoulder, back and neck pain, and headaches. High heels: All that tottering can cause painful bunions. Researchers in Australia have found regular wear shortens fibers in calf muscles and can change the position of joints and muscles in the feet.
Slimming pants: From Oprah Winfrey to Selena Gomez, women reach for contour-forming pants for a big night out. As well as cinching in the tummy, control underwear can cause heartburn, panic attacks, backache and incontinence, and aggravate reflux and irritable bowel.
Tattoos: The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health warns it carries the risk of infection from HIV and hepatitis, and skin conditions such as scarring and lumps. Body piercings: Risks: infections, blood poisoning, toxic shock, bleeding, swelling, scarring ... and, specifically, speech impediments and chipped teeth for pierced tongues. Genitals? Sex and urination could be "difficult and painful".
Ties: Men, it seems, need to loosen up. Or pay the price. According to a Cornell University study, 67 per cent wear shirts that are too tight. Tight ties can result in headaches, blurred vision and tension.
Skinny jeans: Tight trousers are a definite style statement. But they increase the risk of a condition called meralgia paresthetica, compression of the nerve running from the pelvis into the outer thigh, according to the Canadian Medical Association Journal.
Jewelry:  Wherever you shop, accessories can make or break an outfit. Pick the wrong material and your fashion statement could be an itchy rash: nickel allergy affects 30 per cent of us.
But we know all this.

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