Necklace Lengths

We have had so many questions from our online buyers that we decided to go to Soho Accessories archives and republish this helpful post.
Have you ever read a description and had no idea what the different names of necklace lengths meant? Well let’s try to explain the different styles.
To begin, the shortest necklaces are either a choker or collar necklaces, which are approximately between 13″ and 16″ long. Collar necklaces typically lie flat against your neck, while chokers fit smoothly against the base of your neck.

Next, the “princess” necklaces are a great length for everyday wear, or with your business suits and is one of the most common necklace lengths around. Measuring approximately 17” to 19” long.

Bib or statement necklaces fall somewhere in between choker and princess necklaces in length, but with a dramatic flair. These necklaces are the trend for this spring and summer.

Our next necklace length is the “matinee” necklace, anywhere between 20″ and 24″. Matinee necklaces are still great for daytime wear and are long enough that they can be worn as an accent alone or with other necklaces.

“Opera” or “lariat” length necklaces can range anywhere from 28″ to 36″ and are great for making a dramatic statement. With this length you can wear it long or double it up.

Try on your necklaces as you would a outfit. Feel comfortable with the length and the weight. You don’t want to feel that you are a slave to fashion and are wearing a noose around your neck.
One last note: Don't spend big bucks on trendy is always changing!!!


Couture Carrie said...

These are all so gorgeous!


SohoAccessories said...

Thanks Carrie

Courtney J. Brock said...

I loved it! Jewelries are part of beauty which makes women beautiful. Above all jewelries can be great choice to bring beauty and I really appreciate for your description regarding length of necklace. I really love beads and that's why my sister presented me a necklace of Quartz Beads which was so beautiful but now, would love have above anyone to present her. Thanks much indeed for sharing this.