Going, Going, Almost Gone


Remember these? They are subway tokens. Now we use MetroCards..what else has gone by the wayside? Tube televisions Phone books Rolodexes Printed Encyclopedias Film Cursive writing Glove box road maps Traditional clocks The wristwatch Home phones Snail mail In 50 years maybe we won't be needing gas stations as you will just have to plug in your car's battery. How about cash? They are saying by 2020 (which is only 8 years away) 10% of all monetary transactions will be in cash. Electronic payment systems will replace our coins and greenbacks. What fixture of today's life do you think won't be around in years to come?


Michael St. James said...

Wow! It's hard to believe that handwriting was actually considered a subject when I was in elementary school. I still appreciate a fine wristwatch, but I can live without the rest of those items. It's sort of fun to think about everything that we couldn't live without that's virtually nonexistent today. Pay phones certaiinly come to mind. I think books, magazines and libraries will definitely be gone in 50 years. Sadly, it seems like stores will mostly be replaced with etailers. It makes you wonder if we'll even need to leave the house.

P.S. I'd love to see gas stations disappear. Cigarettes too. Ick!

SohoAccessories said...

Wow you're right Michael, we never thought about books and we all have tablets and kindles. That would be sad.
Pay phones..ugh all I think about are all the germs on them..:>)