How Much Hangs in Your Closet?

Women spend over their lifetime on clothing and accessories is about $125,000. A survey conducted by Sure Women Linen Dry in Great Britain, found that the $125,000 is comprised of about 3,109 different items, including 271 pairs of shoes, 185 dresses and 145 handbags. Women ages 25 and under spend even more: nearly $200,000. However, women age 55 or older have been more thrifty: likely to spent “only” $99,000 in the course of their lives. Some other revealing facts from the survey: ●About 10% of the women respondents admitted to buying at least one piece of clothing or accessory every week in the middle of the day to wear to an event right after work. ●One in eight (12%) said they keep at least one pair of shoes at their workplace to change into for a night out. ●41% admitted to changing outfits at least twice a day, re-applying make-up up to five times a day and one in four checking the mirror five times or more every day. ●Another 14% claimed to have hidden purchases from their partners ●Despite the options, 60% of women still struggle to find something to wear on a daily basis. And I am sure every woman says, "I have nothing to wear". Through the survey was taken in Great Britain, American woman can identify with their findings. Except for one: U.S. women probably spend even more on their wardrobes.

Here is an interesting tidbit: A legal skirmish between two ex-spouses over a reported more than $1 million collection of fancy footwear is over.  Daniel Shak claims that his wife Beth Shak amassed thousands of pairs of shoes during their marriage, and failed to disclose them.  She claims that she was so unhappy in her 3 year marriage she just had to buy shoes. This is one woman who would have definitely changed the outcome of the survey.