Marc Jacobs Collection 2013

Marc Jacobs' boldly patterned pieces that were black and white and bold all over, were a complete turnaround from the furry-hatted excesses of his collection Fall 2012 of outsized hats, tweed frock coats and skirts, crocheted sweaters, argyle socks and pilgrim shoes with enormous rhinestone buckles.

of black-and-white stripe ranging from wide, referee-appropriate vertical bars to practically pencil-thin horizontals, gracing T-shirts, overcoats, suits, shoes, handbags and sequined shimmering pantsuits (there were also burgundy stripe and beige stripe versions of several key pieces).
There were midriff-bearing shirt-and-skirt combination dresses in oatmeal beige, a black sweatshirt -- cropped beneath the breastbone -- emblazoned with Mickey Mouse, a few animal print pieces and some simple, straightforward solids, but nothing in the collection that deviated from the two-color rule.
The fashion show of 45 outfits took all of 7 minutes.

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