What does a fashion purse have in common with a box of wine?

Okay Ladies we all like a good glass of wine whether it’s after a hard day’s work or at dinner. Or maybe you’re invited to someone’s house and what do you bring but a bottle of wine. Would you bring a box of wine? I would think not, as it would simply imply “cheap.” I know this to not be true. There are many boxed wines that have very good ratings from Wine Spectator. But for those of us that feel uncomfortable about boxed wines there is now a product just for you: Vernissage’s “bag in a bag”, a boxed wine in the shape of a handbag.

More than half of female drinkers chose wine over other alcoholic beverages, according to a recent Gallup poll, so there's reason to think this might appeal to a few women out there.
Stores in the U.S. will start seeing these bags of wine in the next few weeks
Vernissage is pumping French wine from Vin de Pays d'Oc into its airtight bags. There's a Chardonnay Viognier (in a white bag), a Cabernet Shiraz (black), and a Rose (pink, of course). A 1.5-liter purse will run customers about $20. The 3-liter bag will cost about $40.
Vernissage is trying to revamp boxed wine to attract a more sophisticated customer.
One thing we were wondering, will men buy a purse of wine? 
Or when is the briefcase coming out?


K said...

What a lovely idea! I hope that they bring them to the stores near me.

SoHo Accessories said...

As they say in marketing...sell the sizzle.