Do you want to buy your Louis Vuitton from Amazon? High end designers are debating over whether to sell their luxury fashions on Amazon. Prime brands in stores are already sold with basic goods, so would it be different if they were selling out of Amazon?  Since it is the largest online store, it’s a dilemma for them.  Does it cheapen their line?
Yves Carcelle, chief executive of Louis Vuitton, said Amazon would need to invest a “huge amount” to understand luxury fashion. “What I know for sure is that Amazon will never sell Louis Vuitton, because we are the only ones that sell it. This is a model of direct control that we pioneered, and I think long term it is the direction most luxury ecommerce will take.”
Designers maybe be faced with this issue, but I think most consumers don't care as long as the price is right!

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